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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Q & A about love....

I was asked by a friend about love……

Friend :
how u feel when u are in lurv??

My answer :
Feel that he completes me.. having someone special besides me.. The one that i can always depend.
Sharing everything – happiness and sadness. You know who u can find when you are happy or sad. He will always listen to you…

Ada tempat bermanja bila sakit atau susah. A person who will always care for you…

Love can make us want to be a better person and Sometimes can make us crazy.
Tul x…

Kenapa crazy?? Sbb you will think about him all the time, “butterfiles” feeling, jelaousy, worry too much about what we look like. Tp semua itu indah kan.

Friend :
Should we find our love or just wait for the love..

Me :
aiyah…. Definitely la we kena find our true love. Love doesn’t come easily. Unless you are the lucky one…

friend :
sounds that you’re in love now..

No lah. Me still single and available. Awat? Hang ada calon ka nak kenal kan. Hihihi

Friend :
Nanti aku cuba tengok list...

Huik… list? Rasa mcm kawan aku ni da bukak agensi cari jodoh jaa… hahaha